Saturday, October 1, 2005

In The Eye of The Beholder....

Good day! *shoves away his notes*

Think my body's a wreck now. Aching all over the place.. trust me to stay up so late yesterday >_<

Exams are not over yet but a lot of interesting things have happened recently! Let's see...


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One word to describe the performance by the Cirque du Soleil. AWESOME.

I was expecting the usual circus performance by the travelling troupe. Boy was I wrong, and gladly so.

It was remarkable how the power of visual cue, sound effects and the incredible agility of the artists can combine to give the audience such a stunning performance, that it has the potential to eclipse anything shown on other media (TV, DVDs, etc)..

Roughly 2 1/2 hours long (With a half-hour intermission), the story of a little girl and her imagination enraptures the audience. A variety of performances showcases her vivid thinking, and draws the audience deeper and deeper.

It is truly a story of fantasy, but not the D&D/Tolkien fantasy, but more of the stuff that children dream of, the type of stories that Ms Block would write about... Quidam is everyone and yet, no one. Strange things to ponder, no? :)

I really love the German Wheel, the Diabolos and the Banquine acrobatics.. really a wow-factor to the show... the clown segment are really hilarious too, kinda Mr Beanish.. :P

The only bad thing was the merchandising which really cost a bomb. And the queue to the toilets during the intermission was really long o.O

I would love to watch it again the next time the troupe drops by Singapore.. XD

Sammi Cheng

Wow, Sammi Cheng dropped by the library on Friday night, and she smiled at me! XD

Too bad she had to leave quickly for a talk (together with Stanley Kwan). She looked great in person! (Too bad Spectre can't make it on that day leh.. )

NLB Family Day

Woohoo... My first aniversary working at NLB! Saturday was a hot day but that's okay.. woke up, then prepared some stuff, left the house after a short while.

I met Fer at Harbourfront interchange for lunch first, then we took the bus to Sentosa. Too bad she couldn't stay long for the event.. :P

We found the location of the event but nothing has started yet! So we decided to walk around the place.. took the bus, walked on the sandy beaches, drink a Super Big Gulp at the 7-Eleven at the Palawan Beach, crossed the swinging bridge to the "Southern Point", tried to look for peacocks at the Cable Car station, and found out that the ferry terminal was still being used for tourism purposes.

The Musical Fountain looked run-down though. Somebody please refurbish that place!!!

In the horizon, lies the Southern Point of the island..

They were unhappy with the fact that their handlers got more attention than themselves.. haha!

Bird-watching XD

The Family Day event was pretty fun lar.. a lot of food, nice weather, friendly colleagues.. made a few new friends too! Too bad I didn't win any prizes, but the performances on the day are quite good. A fire-eater actually performed for us, and the heat when he blew the flame into the air was.. wow, "heart warming" indeed!!!

Some of my colleagues won some prizes from the lucky draw.. one of them got a new revision of the same camera she bought last year.. quite funny leh haha..

End of the day, some of us went to McDonald for a chat, and then later on the MRT, we talked some more. Somehow the topic is on dengue and work -_-;;


Well that's about it.. but a few misc thoughts that I have..

* I didn't manage to take any photos of Priyanka Chopra. Really.

* I hope the next time they have the event again, bring a Milo van!!! Loved them since secondary school :D

* Hmmm if only Coco Lee were to come to the NLB... XD

* We Love Katamari. Must.. resist...

* My DVD-ROM drive is crap. Want to change but to which model?

* Maths = #@%#!^*%!#!@(!*^#!@%#^!%#!^%

Ah.. felt much better now. Gotta go... cya! XD