Monday, May 23, 2011

Malaysia - Part II

Well, here's the second part of the shoots I did so far. Another busy period but I was having a long term break too, so everything works out well in the end.

The Black Gold Saw shoot was a short one because Shine wasn't feeling very well. We had to stop a few times to let her take a few breaks here and there.

First time using this new location, it was really big and the area looks like it was straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie! Seems like Malaysia have a few of such places around, although you have to look diligently for them since there was not much information found on the Internet.

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A Naruto shoot at the Bukit Jalil Park (again), I brought only my macro lens since I wasn't feeling up to the weather. Good thing the shoot was a load of fun with all kinds of joking around, but the biggest surprise was Hani appearing at the last minute to cosplay as Rock Lee.

Rock Lee has some of the most epic expressions in the series, and Hani pulled it off well.

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A crazy shoot because we spent the whole day at Genting Highlands, battling heavy rain, car accidents, last minute location changes, and even getting ourselves locked out because the car keys were left in the car boot with a broken boot latch.

Eventually we managed to get the keys back, and had a very late dinner. I suppose I wasn't in the best of moods by then...

Anyway, the Dynasty Warrior shoot was okay. There were some miscommunication problems and we almost got lost, but the photos are pretty satisfactory.

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This was the other shoot we did in Genting Highlands, it was getting dark so we had to wrap things up pretty quick (this was before we had the 'car key' problem), but this particular spot looks really atmospheric. It was damn cold though...

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Putrajaya! A great place for photoshoots, though certain areas are very much overused.

The shoot was hampered by heavy rain in the afternoon, so we waited till early evening before shooting until nightfall. After that we proceeded to an abandoned structure nearby for some shadow works and low light photography, pretty cool and dark/creepy!

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Lastly, a special shoot based on the relationship between two individuals in the series Gundam 00. It was a hot day but the light's near perfect and we had a golden glow sunset towards the end of the day. The location's perfect as well, because as I told a close friend of mine, Putrajaya is one of the very few places in the world that suits the series.

PS. Buzz words from the shoot: Leng Zhai (Ryeain) and Suci Leng Lui (Byou). LOL!

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Third and final part coming soon! C2Age was just recently concluded, so I had the task of sorting out photos from that event. I'll be updating my Facebook page with the selected shots once I am done.

Till next time!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Malaysia - Part I

It's been another busy period for me ever since I came back to Malaysia, my home country.

Almost immediately, I was invited to a few shoots before and after the Chinese New Year celebration. They kept me really occupied, but it was fun nonetheless and it's fun to hang out with friends again!

My first shoot since my return was with a cosplayer friend whom I worked with before, Byou. To be honest this is her first time doing this kind of cosplay so I appreciate the trust that she has in me.

It was also my time visiting this abandoned location... unlike the ones in Singapore, this place looks really messy. A result of the constant throwing away of rubbish and other things, I guess. The shoot went smoothly mainly because she has some pretty good ideas that worked really well.

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A bit out of the norm, I was invited by Hani and Zend for a photoshoot in the middle of the city. I would say it is different because this shoot is based of a Western comic series rather than the conventional Japanese anime/manga/game series.

So it was a short 1 hour session where we all had good fun even though it was really warm at the location (a car park). Hopefully there will be another chance to shoot something different again.

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So after the previous shoot was done, off I go to the train to meet up with Shine and friends for a shoot at the earlier abandoned location again. It was my first time working with the popular cosplayer known as Fishy, nice lady. :)

Challenging shoot because of the heavy rain, rendering the place dark and creepy. Thankfully we went as a bunch so nobody got 'scared'. I think the only scare here would be the wet floor!

I was lucky enough to bring some lighting equipments so I was able to salvage some shots, although a small number of shots were made using natural light. There is a time and place for everything, and I do mean everything.

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A shoot that was more of fun and games among friends, the searing heat made the shoot short and sweet. We went to the Bukit Jalil Park, mainly because most of the cosplayers find the place convenient to go to. Next time, I'll bring a fridge to a similarly warm shoot. :P

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Back to the very same place once again. The smell's gone though the floor remained sticky and the weather's hot.

This was the second last bandaged Shana shoot, and Jun's first, so I opted for a naturalistic feel to the photos. She likes them but I felt I could have done better. But anyway we ended up at Subang Jaya's Empire after the shoot for some hearty Japanese meals. Yummy.

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Second time working with Shine, and also the second time I am doing a night shoot in Malaysia. Well, it is technically not a 100% night shoot because we started earlier from late afternoon onwards, which is a good thing because the security guard at the park told us that the place closes at 8pm sharp.

Some of the shots were made at ISO 6400, crazy stuff because my camera is not one of the full frame bodies. AF accuracy was severely reduced too, due to a total lack of light.

But all's well ends well. Next time, I will be more prepared...

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Phew, that's all I have for now. Looks like I am fast catching up with the latest updates, so keep an eye out for the second part soon!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"Oh, just to live my life again, to treasure every little moment then,
satisfied, I'd leave you all behind, accepting of my fate.
But I am full of grief, to leave this life so incomplete.
My dream is coming to the end."

- God and Man

My last shoot in Singapore was actually the third in a series of shoots organised by these amazing cosplayers. Each of these shoots took place at different epic locations.

Why epic? Great cosplay, huge weapons, among some of the reasons. Also, it is because the locations we used are rather unknown to the general public, ruins and all. It's pretty hard to find a seven storey tall abandoned office/factory, but I was lucky to have found it and after an early recce trip by my friends it's good to go!

I'll be back in Singapore once in a while (for shoots, meeting with friends, shopping, family stuff), but for now my 20-year stay in Singapore has come to a rather happy end.

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Next up, life in Malaysia and the shoots I did so far... stay tuned~

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The SG Photo Derby (Part II)

And here's the second batch of shoots I did in Singapore...

CLOVER - First time working with Angelion on a series from Clamp. Nice weather, pity about the wet grasses though. For a relative newcomer to the cosplay scene, she did a pretty good job with this cosplay. She's friendly too, very easygoing with a love for singing.

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Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan - Despite never having to play the game or watch the anime, I have... quite a substantial amount of information on the series.

Anyway, it was a hot day and we stopped early. The shoot was okay, and I get to use the Canon 5D Mk II for a short while. The camera's not bad, although the lens supplied could have been better.

Album: Here

Sandplay - Well, what can I say... I love Miku and I love to work with Yang. The studio shoot was also a great learning experience for both me and Shane, because usually I don't get to operate the big lights for my other works.

Album: Here

Kuroshitsuji: Alois - I managed to secure a bar for this shoot. Interesting time since a bunch of friends dropped by later and make it into an informal gathering. Lots of laughs but the shots turn out pretty okay in the end~ :)

Yang's Alois is near perfect!

Album: Here

Kenka Bancho - I was there as a helper, but I took some shots too!

It was also the last time I visited the abandoned factory in Kranji. I had some pretty memorable shoots there, so I felt kinda sad on that day. Heh.

Album: Here

Defense Devil - It was a last minute invite, but I gladly accepted it since I will be working with a few of my old-time friends.

Good thing too, since the location we used to do the shoot was closed a few days later to make way for a new arts gallery situated there. A bummer for many photographers and cosplayers.

Album: Here

Angel Sanctuary: Kurai - My final shoot with Yang. Guess that all good things come to an end.

Album: Here

Once in a while I get to do a trial shoot, this is one of the instance. Spent the time on getting a few shots while waiting for the train to show up... well it did, when we least expected it.

Album: Here

Well, that's all I guess! Actually I have one more shoot to talk about, but I'll leave it to another entry in the future. You might also noticed that I kept my comments short and sweet this time round... guess it is because I already mentioned quite a bit of stuff in my photo albums.

Onwards, to great justice!