Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Twin Edge

Finally got the mood to blog about recent events! XD

Recently went to Sitex 2005 for a photoshoot. Originally it was meant as a private shoot for the D.Gray Man cosplayers... however, the heavy rain put a premature halt to the shoot, leaving us no choice but to head into the Sitex 2005 event hall to help out Eugene and his fellow STAC comm members. :P

I realised that there weren't many cosplayers on the event itself compared to the Sitex of last year. I wonder if the date of the EOY event has to do with it, since the date was pretty close to Sitex's.

I did manage to see some 'off-duty' cosplayers around but they are more keen on getting some computer stuffs instead. Couldn't recognise Mori!! Then there were some MovieMania people dressed up as Star Wars characters and of course, the mighty Predator (Perhaps the same guy who went for Cosfest 2005?)

Most of us have already pre-registered for the EOY event, and I volunteered to be a helper. Zeph assigned me an interesting role, something like what I did for the Quedam pre-performance dinner. Can you say... Daddy Knows Best? XD

Talking about Daddy, Holly's been calling me Pappa because I was concerned about her stomach flu -_-;; Get well soon okay? Then you can lend me both Radiata Stories AND Magna Carta muahahahahahahaha!

Been reading a lot of photography books, magazines, even had the chance of using a friend's DSLR camera. I think I am hooked!!! As you can see from my past photo entries, I have a long way to go in improving my techniques. Practice makes perfect, I guess. :P

Oh yeah.. one last thing before I go. I always believe that each person has his or her own beauty hidden beneath. Recently, my friend Nightdevil became a swan for a day, and was rightfully given the prom queen title. I can speak for the rest when I said WOW!!!

Anyway here are the photos taken during the weekend. Cya!

Hmmm.. Bicycle On Wheels indeed.

Ferlyn & Daphne!! XD

David and his cosplay posing.

Cosplayers posing for the numerous photographers.

Vivian & Kula looking like they wanted to eat me O_O;;

Yes, Mr Cow's finally back from MooMoo Land.

Other photos are located in this link.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Recent Photos That I Took...

Been thinking a lot lately.. then I realized that I forgot to upload some of the photos that I took recently! I got a tripod last Saturday, and its worth the money! Sturdy and light, my camera stopped being 'shaky' for a day, haha.

All in all, I have attended a total of 3 photoshoots within the last two weeks! Going to take some photos for LKCRL's official opening this Saturday, and then for the D.Gray Man photoshoot at the end of this month. Sounds fun! XD

Trying out the tripod at a photo shop in Sim Lim.. cool place. Will be back there soon. XD

Took this at Marina City Park.. the place's not bad right? XD

Macross told me this is a good position to take pics, so I just heed his advice and took some shots.

My friend told me this pic's a bit blurred.

A view of the bridge...

The Water of Life

I want this!!! O_O;;

Finally watched the last episode of TRC (for now). I wonder what is that sad song that was playing in the background during the course of the show...

Will be back. I promise.

PS. Gackt is singing the Opening (Redemption) and Ending (Longing) for FF7: Dirge of Cerberus? (Thanks Holly for the information!) XD

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Soul Outing (Part 1)

Good morning!!!

All is quiet on the Western Front.. and on the Eastern Front as well O_O

The office's quiet as a mouse, most of my colleagues are on leave due to Deepavali and Hari Raya.

Saturday night was spent working, but Sunday was spent on a J-Rock/Gothic photoshoot at Fort Canning! Went there cos my friends were talking about it, and made some new friends. ;) Going up the stairs was a real pain though, literally...

Anyway keep it short, here are the pics! XD

Day 1

Raziel being hyper.. :P

J-Rock Cosplayers

Ashley, all ready for the day (Wish I had a hat like his...)

Helena's gothic costume

Pose No. 2

Some more poses...


Koyuki, his bandmates and friends (Hope to see you guys soon!)

Once darkness falls, they started singing...

Dinner at Pastamania... quite chaotic!


Day 2 will be posted soon~~

Anyway, wishing all my Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya! XD