Saturday, November 5, 2011


I was recently interviewed by 3 very different groups of people (photographer, cosplayer, online magazine) for their websites, and I am thankful for the chance to be featured. Answering interview questions was never my forte, so I hope this time I did a better job.

The first interview was conducted by Richard T. Bui, a friendly cosplay and wedding photographer from San Francisco, California. You can view his site, it is new but already looks good! :)

The second interview was conducted by Yunie, a friend of another cosplayer that I know of (Etaru). Her blog is different compared to a lot of other cosplay blogs around (which is good), so check her site out! :)

The third one will be out soon, and I have been asked to do some articles for the magazine... hope I have the time when the opportunities appear. Okay, end of update. Back to my books...

5 more days to AFA... See you there!