Sunday, October 9, 2011


I am one of the 39 photographers whose works are exhibited at the PhotoMalaysia 4th Annual Photography exhibition, held at the Nikon Centre in Berjaya Times Square. To be honest I am happy to be selected for this, as it would be my fourth time my photos have been on display to the public.

During the recent official opening ceremony, I had the chance to interact with the other photographers who came from various backgrounds. We shared ideas and thoughts, and I learnt a great deal about how the rest approach their photography. I always believe that in order to do well in your chosen field, you have to diversify and pick up a few things here and there.

So here are the photos which I submitted for the exhibition. The Sengoku Basara shot was awarded the "Honourable Mentions" category (I won a Marten camera strap) and printed on display, while some of the rest were placed on a digital slideshow. You can check them out if you drop by the area, the exhibition will run until the end of October.

In other news, I also went for the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival event held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. I met a few of my friends there, as well as bought myself a few new things including a Lastolite TriGrip reflector. There's a good offer for it so why not? XD

I have to say I made a few new business contacts from this event, maybe some new friends too. I guess that's ultimately better than trying to nail the perfect shots from the bevy of beautiful models promoting the camera wares there.

Till next update, folks! :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011