Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cosfest X.1

Back from Singapore's biggest cosplaying event, I had a mixed feeling about it.

It was fun, it was good, I get to meet up with my friends again. Some I have not seen even during the past few times that I was back in Singapore.

On the other hand, well. Basically I have been attending this event since 2004, so the appeal of events kinda died off for me. Or perhaps I am still tired from my short trip since I had to contend with moving my gaming stuff back to Malaysia.

Photos to come soon~

Friday, June 17, 2011

Return to Singapore

Hi everyone, once again it's been a while (busy as usual) but recently I went back to Singapore for a short family trip... squeezing in some time to attend a small event as well as to complete 2 shoots.

Japanese Arts Fiesta (JAF) was fun despite the event being relatively small. I was invited to attend by a few friends who happen to be part of the committee. Media pass and everything. :P

Quite a few number of my Singapore friends happened to drop by and we spent most of the time catching up. There's a lot of new cosplayers around too, they all look young and probably are.

The older generations are still hanging around though... maybe for old times sake.

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The Toradora photoshoot went pretty okay even though it rained and a few other cosplayers could not make it for the shoot. The shoot was also a good chance for a mutual photographer friend Joel to hone his photography skills.

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I had another great shoot with Evie and Fariz. Evie, if you all remember, was the Luka and A.B.A. cosplayer that I worked with before. She's also a good friend of mine so it's fun too!

The shoot was pretty short because we were all tired after JAF and I need to fly back to Kuala Lumpur later in the evening. Well, except for Fariz... he never seem to look exhausted at all haha.

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Anyway, I will be back again for Cosfest on the 25th and 26th of June, and will be bringing my new name cards to the event. Feel free to ask me for a card or to make a swap. See you there if you are attending!

PS. The next few days are going to be super busy with shoots, will update on that when things settle down.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Malaysia - Part III

Once again, another overdue entry... work + shoots kept me occupied as always. But its already June, and the deluge of cosplay events (Cosfest/CLAS:H) is upon us once again!

Here are another set of shoots done over the past 1-2 months. It's not many due to my existing commitments but I'll make do. :)

Yeap, a series based on gangsters in Japan. We had a short shoot in town (more precisely, at the Pavillion shopping mall area) and since it was done at night I went back home pretty late.

Oh, and I used only a single 50mm. Should have brought a few more stuff along...

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There was a weekend when I had no shoots, so I decided to join my friend's shoot at KLCC. PC Fair was also held during the same weekend/place so I took the chance to pick up a new thumbdrive. I made a few new friends, mainly youngsters who are new in the cosplay scene.

The shoot was fun, although one of the security guards there told me not to use a reflector. Since he didn't exactly stop the shoot, we just carry on...

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"A Hero Need Not Speak. When He Is Gone, The World Will Speak For Him."

Perhaps one of the most talented armour cosplayers around, Gixxer85 was featured on CosplayGen for his self-made Halo cosplay. He offered me a chance to shoot his cosplay so I accepted his offer!

I also got to know a dude called Hangmen13 who hails from East Malaysia. One day, I shall visit the East and see the sights there myself!

After the photos were posted up, I was asked by the people from the official Xbox Halo Waypoint site to allow them to feature Gix on their website. I said okay, he said okay... good to go!

Feature: Here

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A very beautiful love story, I have to thank Shine for introducing me to it.

The shoot was really hot, and was held at the Tasik Perdana Park. Another first for me, I didn't realize the park is close to the National Museum of Malaysia. Last time I was there, it was more than 20 years ago...

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My 7th Shana shoot, and probably the final shoot for the bandaged version. Since it is a new abandoned location (to me), I find the area rather refreshing to shoot at. Well, minus the mosquitoes of course. XD

The weather's decent and the evening light was pretty nice, but I didn't retain the colour during post processing. Trying to get the feel right once more...

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My first time working with the talented Venus, our original plan to scale Batu Caves had to be cancelled due to her tiredness. We did however find another alternate location nearby, thanks to Anthony (Blur) for driving us around.

A lot of crazy things occur during the shoot but it was good to let loose once in a while... haha.

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Another evening to night shoot, the result was great due to the sunset and Putrajaya's lighting at night. We even went to a pretty looking bridge to get shots with the futuristic looking structure as the background. Special thanks to Misao, Yuan, Sky, Kids for their help in logistics and equipment support.

Cappy makes a good Sheryl. Hope to see her do more versions in the future!

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And finally to wrap things up, here are some photos I took during C2Age. C2Age is the first major ACG event held in Kuala Lumpur for this year so a lot of people took the chance to cosplay or to meet up over the weekend.

I am not exactly used to events held at shopping malls though, maybe because of all the curious onlookers. It didn't help that some of the cosplayers were misbehaving but I guess it's because they are young? We all do foolish things during our youths eh...

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That's all for now, I will be writing about my recent trip to Singapore (yes, it's a short one) in my next update. For now though, I have to prepare for another round of shoots this weekend.

Have a good day, everyone!