Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Update #4

One more update to go before ending the month of May, although there might be a few stuff to write about (I'll leave it for the June updates instead).

One of the last few shoots I had before the exams period, it was actually months in the making because we weren't able to find the time to have the shoot. But finally, we did and the results turn out okay despite the sudden rain. It was my first time working with Jing, and my 4th time with Kula (the last one with her was back in 2007, that's a long time ago).

The location that we used is simply gorgeous, and gave us a feeling of peace high up in the sky. I will definitely go up there again, one of these days.

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After a long time, I finally had the chance to attend a photographer's gathering in Arab Street. The sheer amount of the cosplay photoshoots kept me busy, so I took the chance once I have some spare time.

It was a fun gathering despite the rain (again), so I hope to attend more of these in the future.

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And finally, I went for the Navy Open House recently. As it was my first time attending this yearly event, it was an eye opener for me. Apart from the searing heat, the event was well organised and there's an ample number of drink/food stalls available.

I even had the chance to go aboard some of the docked ships and venture into the depths, finding out that the corridors and cabins are really, really small. The seas are rough so in anticipation there are many amenities available such as gyms, relaxation rooms and even a place with washing machines!

I highly recommend the open house next year for those who are interested. :)
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Update #3

I had two more photoshoots with Yang before she went back to China for a short holiday. :)

Angel Sanctuary: Belial

It's been a while since I went to Fort Canning, so I suggested to Yang to have the shoot there. It was fun (one of the workers recognised the series that she was doing), although there's a lot of mosquitoes flying around.

The photos are a departure from my usual style of photography, aiming at a darker, mysterious feel. Belial is an enigma, indeed.

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Shana Gaiden - III

Portraying Yang's Shana as both strong and vulnerable in my photogoraphs is a challenge for me. Since the both of us weren't that satisfied with our past shoot, we had another shoot at one of the old abandoned locations that I found. It went pretty well, the weather's just right... not too hot or not too cold.

Thanks to Mikyo (who provided the necklace) and Lexis (who provided the prop) for making the shoot a success. Owe the both of you a drink. :)

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PS. Final May Update coming soon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

May Update #2

Here's another round of shoots I did for this month.

Ludwig Kakumei

A photoshoot based on the 4-volume series by Kaori Yuki. A compilation of twisted fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, I quite enjoyed reading it. Yang and Xiao Lu also did a great job portraying their characters.

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Had another Katekyo Hitman Reborn! shoot, this time with Kiwiwi-chan as Superbi Squalo. We went back to "Area 4" (the location of some past shoots) and the shoot proceeded well although the weather's pretty humid.

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For this shoot, I joined my friend Nouffer for a shoot at Changi Beach. Originally we were supposed to be at the Tampines Biking Trail, but the location's currently under renovation for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games. Anyway, it was another fun shoot but the lighting's really challenging.

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More will come soon, stay tuned. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

May Update #1

Some of the shoots which I did recently before the exams mugging period.


WAWA (which is Chinese for Doll) was an idea conceptualised by Yang, so we spent a day to get the shoot done. We had fun although we ended early due to tiredness. :X

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Queen of Kendappa

I am very fortunate to work with Deliri again for a photoshoot based on one of my most favourite manga of all time, RG Veda. As the Queen of Kendappa, she portrayed the character with dignity, grace and beauty.

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