Monday, May 24, 2010

May Update #2

Here's another round of shoots I did for this month.

Ludwig Kakumei

A photoshoot based on the 4-volume series by Kaori Yuki. A compilation of twisted fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, I quite enjoyed reading it. Yang and Xiao Lu also did a great job portraying their characters.

Album: Here

Had another Katekyo Hitman Reborn! shoot, this time with Kiwiwi-chan as Superbi Squalo. We went back to "Area 4" (the location of some past shoots) and the shoot proceeded well although the weather's pretty humid.

Album: Here

For this shoot, I joined my friend Nouffer for a shoot at Changi Beach. Originally we were supposed to be at the Tampines Biking Trail, but the location's currently under renovation for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games. Anyway, it was another fun shoot but the lighting's really challenging.

Album: Here

More will come soon, stay tuned. :)

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