Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Update #3

I had two more photoshoots with Yang before she went back to China for a short holiday. :)

Angel Sanctuary: Belial

It's been a while since I went to Fort Canning, so I suggested to Yang to have the shoot there. It was fun (one of the workers recognised the series that she was doing), although there's a lot of mosquitoes flying around.

The photos are a departure from my usual style of photography, aiming at a darker, mysterious feel. Belial is an enigma, indeed.

Album: Here

Shana Gaiden - III

Portraying Yang's Shana as both strong and vulnerable in my photogoraphs is a challenge for me. Since the both of us weren't that satisfied with our past shoot, we had another shoot at one of the old abandoned locations that I found. It went pretty well, the weather's just right... not too hot or not too cold.

Thanks to Mikyo (who provided the necklace) and Lexis (who provided the prop) for making the shoot a success. Owe the both of you a drink. :)

Album: Here

PS. Final May Update coming soon!

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