Thursday, March 24, 2011


An entry long overdue due to work, life and lots of photoshoots. I would like to apologise for the lack of updates on my blog.

2010's STGCC event felt like a rather hohum event. I guess it is because of its close proximity to other events in December. Anyway, there are many amazing cosplayers that showed up during STGCC so I didn't feel like any time was wasted.

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Although there's some improvement over the previous year's event, I felt that EOY 2010 could be better. Some of the cosplayers and photographers hung out around the outside areas as the interior felt crowded and there's not many places to move about.

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The last ACG event for 2010, Comic Fiesta 2010 changed the venue back to Berjaya Times Square. Only this time it were to be held at the hotel grounds, so I was expecting something similar to the Sunway convention area.

I was wrong though, the crowd was crazy! Still, I met up with some of my Malaysian friends, although most already know that I would be moving back to Malaysia eventually (which I did).


Day 1 - Here
Day 2 - Here

Coming right up, the last few photoshoots for 2010. Stay tuned. :)