Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Recent Photos That I Took...

Been thinking a lot lately.. then I realized that I forgot to upload some of the photos that I took recently! I got a tripod last Saturday, and its worth the money! Sturdy and light, my camera stopped being 'shaky' for a day, haha.

All in all, I have attended a total of 3 photoshoots within the last two weeks! Going to take some photos for LKCRL's official opening this Saturday, and then for the D.Gray Man photoshoot at the end of this month. Sounds fun! XD

Trying out the tripod at a photo shop in Sim Lim.. cool place. Will be back there soon. XD

Took this at Marina City Park.. the place's not bad right? XD

Macross told me this is a good position to take pics, so I just heed his advice and took some shots.

My friend told me this pic's a bit blurred.

A view of the bridge...

The Water of Life

I want this!!! O_O;;

Finally watched the last episode of TRC (for now). I wonder what is that sad song that was playing in the background during the course of the show...

Will be back. I promise.

PS. Gackt is singing the Opening (Redemption) and Ending (Longing) for FF7: Dirge of Cerberus? (Thanks Holly for the information!) XD

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