Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"Oh, just to live my life again, to treasure every little moment then,
satisfied, I'd leave you all behind, accepting of my fate.
But I am full of grief, to leave this life so incomplete.
My dream is coming to the end."

- God and Man

My last shoot in Singapore was actually the third in a series of shoots organised by these amazing cosplayers. Each of these shoots took place at different epic locations.

Why epic? Great cosplay, huge weapons, among some of the reasons. Also, it is because the locations we used are rather unknown to the general public, ruins and all. It's pretty hard to find a seven storey tall abandoned office/factory, but I was lucky to have found it and after an early recce trip by my friends it's good to go!

I'll be back in Singapore once in a while (for shoots, meeting with friends, shopping, family stuff), but for now my 20-year stay in Singapore has come to a rather happy end.

Album: Here

Next up, life in Malaysia and the shoots I did so far... stay tuned~

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