Friday, August 27, 2010

July Update #2

After nearly two weeks since my return to Singapore, I finally have some time to write about the shoots that I did before my trip to Kuala Lumpur.

The Trinity Shoot - Due to my busy schedule, I suggested to hold three photoshoots within the same area, within the same time.

Crazy, isn't it? Even though it felt really tiring, I managed to complete the shoots and edited each shoots in a different manner. It was also a fun day because the cosplayers that I worked with (Vanda, Yang, and Angeline) are very nice people.

Burst Angel: Here
Shana V: Here
Lucky Dog 1: Here

ARIA - Another crazy photoshoot, mainly because we went to the beach really early in the morning (6AM) to prepare for the shoot. Sadly due to the rain the previous day, there weren't any decent sunrise for us to grab some shots but we went ahead with the shoot anyway. A very wet experience!

Album: Here

Kuroshitsuji - We had this photoshoot on the other end of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, because usually most of the time people had their cosplay shoots on the main side (near Gleneagles hospital).

We encountered curious onlookers, random gardeners, young children, and black swans. Yeap, the swans were pretty cool with random people hanging around them.

Album: Here

Chang An Huan Ye - One of the Chinese novel series with many elaborate outfits, Yang and Ah Jia invited me to the shoot at the Chinese Garden. Quite frankly, I lost count of the number of times I have been there to shoot.

The shoot finished early due to the weather and also due to the fact that we were hungry. The photos turned out well though, and would lead to another shoot of the same series in Kuala Lumpur...

Album: Here

Tainted Memories - And last but not least, I had a conceptual shoot with a friend of mine which is about loss of love, betrayal and the embracing of madness.

Some editing tweaks enhanced the mood perfectly, although my friend recruited another friend to do the main editing. I contributed with an alternate edited version, hope you all enjoy it. :)

Album: Here

Stay tuned for the next entry, which will be about my trip up North. Till then!

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