Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sept/Oct Update

Hello everyone. Currently taking a break until mid-November due to exams and a few odd projects, I have already completed all of my shoots and have uploaded them to my Multiply gallery. Two of them were taken during my Sydney trip.

RG Veda - The first manga that I read seriously, this series from CLAMP left a deep impression in me with its unique artwork and memorable characters. You can say that I have been a long time fan since 1993!

So basically when I was given the chance to work with the awesome Australian cosplayers, I took it and thus the shoot was held at Sydney's Chinese Garden of Friendship. The place looks pretty awesome, even though you have to pay to go in and there's a quite a number of tourists roaming around.

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07-Ghost - Held on the same day as the RG Veda shoot, it was a good chance to work with one of the WCS finalist groups. Because we are all not natives of Sydney (they were from Brisbane and I am from SG/MY), going to the St. Mary's Cathedral was a first time experience for us.

The shoot was short but we managed to get a few decent shots due to the amazing lighting there.

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Black Rock Shooter: Dual - A two-in-one shoot, showcasing both versions of the black-haired heroine.

This is my second time working with Crestryn, so we had a number of discussions prior to the shoot itself. Everything went well in the end despite the rain earlier that day.

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Vocaloid: VN02 - For my sole October shoot, we went to NTU on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Not many people were hanging around, so the area's relatively quiet.

Because we started pretty late, the level of lighting dipped after just an hour or so of shooting. We wrapped things up quickly and left before the entire place turned dark.

Anyway, the VN02 costume is much love and it's DIY too! Wow.

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Onto non-cosplay photography stuff! My company recently brought us to the Universal Studios (Singapore) for a day of family fun. Each of us got a free ticket as well as a bunch of retail/food vouchers for use within the theme park.

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The right-side photo on the collage above was taken using a Panasonic LX5. Yes, I finally got myself a digital compact camera for casual snapshots and for times when I felt that bringing my DSLR would be a hassle. The image quality is very nice and the responsiveness of the camera is pretty good too. I have posted some shots in the link below, hope you will like these 'test' shots.

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So that's all for now at least until the next update in December. See you guys around, and keep on shooting (photos, that is).

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