Thursday, September 29, 2011

The End of the Age of Dreams

And then... I wake up.

It has been a long while since I last updated here, and now that I am finally done with my backlogs I can talk more about the last few shoots that I did recently, prior to my self-enforced break.

My first time working with Celine and Yume, the photoshoot was fun! Maybe the weather wasn't really that ideal (HOT), but at least it doesn't rain. We had the shoot in Kuala Lumpur itself, at a park next to the Tugu Negara. After the shoot wraps up we decided to talk a walk up to the top to have a look at the national monument. The place hasn't really changed much in all these years, but there are more tourists this time.

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This shoot is more of a personal request since I realised Shine would be able to portray the character (Kuroneko aka Black Cat) well. It is also one of the rarer solo shoots that I did in recent months.

We shot near the northern part of Putrajaya, and ended it at The Gardens in Alamanda Mall. The food there is slightly above average, but at least the place's quiet!

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I started watching Bleach when it came out as an anime back in 2004. Although I stopped watching it due to the later filler arcs, I continue to catch up with the storyline online.

So its a surprise when Cutie (yeap, another first for me) cosplayed the Shinigami captain Soifon. She did a great job, although it will be a long while before she comes back from the UK. Anyway, its fun to work with her as she's easy going and smiles a lot. :)

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We see, we drive around, and we got lost.

It is my fault, because it was my first time driving to the port city of Klang with Byou and her sister Luwen. Eventually, thanks to a few calls I made to my friend, we manage to find the fantastic location which is famous for the old trains and their carriages. A lot of wedding and photography folks been there to do their shoots, so it's our turn now!

Towards the end of the day, the evening light was awesome... I wish everyday's like this.

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I remembered that some of my friends have done their shoots at Cyberjaya's MMU in the past, so I suggested the place to Arisa and she's okay with it. Linkin joined the shoot too as he is her driver, haha.

Yes, we finally worked together after months of discussions and last minute changes. Glad it worked out, hopefully we'll have the chance to work again in the near future.

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Only one word can describe this shoot: Epic

After months of planning by the organizers, we head up the mountain (Genting) towards a huge, abandoned structure where the cosplayers re-enacted scenes from the Sailor Moon series. The shoot has two components -  Photoshoot and Videography. 

The best thing about this shoot is nobody was sweating it out, but it got really cold towards the end of the day! Special thanks to the head organizer Venus for making this shoot possible, as well as Allen and ZCdave for the logistical support.

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I decided to drop by Shine's shoot near Jalan Raja Chulan (the same spot where I did the TouhouVania shoot many weeks ago) since she invited me along, though I am not the main photographer this time round. I took a few shots before stopping as I was tired from the Sailor Moon shoot the day before.

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After hearing about Animangaki from my friends, I decided to drop by. I haven't been to a school-based event in a while, the good thing about such events are the cheap food and parking!

I had a very relaxing time during the event because the crowd's smaller and I carry around the minimum of gears (my other friends brought their softboxes and studio setups). Still, I ended up taking a lot of photos so it took me a while to get everything sorted out. Overall, the event's quite nice and well-organized so maybe I'll pop by again next year. Well done, committee members of Sunway University College!

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Spring's nice.

An old shoot, I was invited by May (yeap, the cosplayer on the left) to take photos. We went to two different locations, there's no bad weather and the shots turn out okay. 

Ended with a nice dinner at Suzy's Corner~ Nice steak *yummy*

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Last but not least, I had a shoot with Jun in Putrajaya once again, borrowing our friend's Mazda MX-5 Roadster to complement the session. The shoot was pleasant and we didn't encounter any crowds since it is a lazy Sunday morning. We wrapped things up pretty fast since I nailed the shots that I wanted, so we spend the next few hours catching up on things.

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That's all for now. There will not be any further updates until after the Anime Festival Asia event in November. I'll be heading to Singapore during that time, so once more I will be in the company of my wonderful friends from all over South East Asia. It's good, so till next time folks!

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