Thursday, April 5, 2012

Catching up (Part 1)

Hey everyone, sorry again for the lack of updates. Many ups and downs in my life over the past few months, some of which were pretty good while others were pretty bad.

But life goes on, and before I know it, April is here once again. So I am going to break the updates down into 2 parts (or more). Here goes nothing...

Thailand Game Show 2012: Album

I get to meet my friend Aoui-chan, as well as other great folks from the Land of Smiles.

Some photos from the trip: Album

I would like to go back there again.

 Princess Nightmare: Album

A shoot in town for a friend. Spent most of the time chilling though. :P

Vocaloid: Setsugetsuka - Album

Some of us got lost, but the shoot went pretty well in the end.

Mirai Nikki: Album

Thanks to Shine for introducing me a new anime series to watch. Never have I found any character more disturbing than Gasai Yuno.

Sailor Moon: Romantic Days - Album

It's a classic series! Pretty girl, handsome boy. And they are in love (character-wise).

Vocaloid: Valentine Day - Album

Indoor house shooting. Good because the sun's pretty hot that day.

Part 2 coming soon!

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