Thursday, September 15, 2005

An Advent Children Review

The long awaited sequel to what was probably the most popular console RPG game ever, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children took place 2 years after the Lifestream managed to stop Meteor from destroying the world. Cloud Strife, now a 'delivery man', is haunted by his past specifically the fact that he is unable to save Aeris (or Aerith) from dying at Sephiroth's hand. And as you all will know, Sephiroth was eventually defeated by Cloud in a final battle that decided who is truly stronger...

Unfortunately things never gotten better after that, so Cloud and his friends continue to search for clues to unravel a new problem known as Geostigma. And that is when all the troubles began...

You know, after waiting for a long time to see what Square-Enix have done to address the remaining issues left after completing FF7, you may think that the movie will answer everything that you have ever wanted to ask. Sadly, this is not the case as the movie is more focused on Cloud, his antagonists (Kadaj and gang), and his own unresolved past.

First, the bad things about the movie. Does Square-Enix ever realise that a good intro is a must? The thing about the first 1/2 hour is that I was literally have a bad feeling about the show, and even thought that they have screwed up big time. The speech by Kadaj at Ajit when he was talking to the children is a real ear-sore to me. And the thing about the voice acting overall is that they are competent but not really fantastic.

The length of the show was also short (1 hour 30 minutes+, excluding the credits), so some parts of the show seem rushed. It would help a lot to have a longer length to cover everything... but I think maybe they want to have an excuse to make another FF7 movie? XD

The other characters who showed up are mostly there as supporting casts and not everyone got equal screen-time. Yuffie rocks, Cid should spew some more colourful words, Barret should have used his Catastrophe, Vincent's cloak is amazing, Tifa is hot, and Cait Sith... where's the big guy? :P Red XIII only spoke once!!!!

Another thing that I noticed but it may not be a bad point is that the style of the movie really tends to follow the general Japanese movie style. Its pretty hard to describe but even a non-fan will sense that the show is made in Japan (It's true anyway haha). Humour-wise, I am not sure which is funnier, the victory theme in the handphone, or Rude's spare specs :P

Now, onto the best part of the film. The battles between Cloud and his enemies are truly to behold. He moves and fights like the unreal warrior that he is, dodging bullets and swords as if it was nothing. From the initial battle at the intro, to the eye-catching battle at Midgar City, to the fast and furious bike race, everything an action fan wanted, it is there.

Of course the thing about the animation during the battles is that it looks really unnatural. Some parts are realistic but that's about it... then again this is Final Fantasy no? :D

And... let's not talk about the grand climax that everyone is waiting for. And Cloud's got a surprise for all of us yeah? ;)

FF7:AC is not a perfect film. Compared with a lot of classical, animated, and modern masterpieces, it is hard to say that it is the best film ever made. However, it is better than all the game-movie conversions so far (Better than FF: The Spirits Within) and I guess most of us FF fans will forgive the flaws (Yes, even the ho-hum beginning).

Cloud Strife. He fights for the people who believe in him. That is what makes him stronger. And that is how I feel too :)

8.5/10 (Minus 1 point for the beginning -_-;;)

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