Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Gate Has Opened...

It took me a while to get a hold of myself. Even until now, my mind is clouded with many things. Perhaps it is best to forget about them for the time being... but my feelings for her remained unabated.

That being said, I recently dropped by Suntec to attend the World Cyber Games 2005 - Singapore National Finals. I met so many of my friends there! The cosplayers, the Unreal Tournament gang, the guys from HWZ/Gameaxis, Spikeout, even Lord Angelus was there! I was actually there to support some of my friends who are taking part in the cosplay competition and also the Halo 2 tournament (Cheng Kai's KnS team).

Among the games being played, there were DOTA, CS: Source, Need For Speed: Underground 2 , Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, and many more. It looks just like any other normal gaming event. I was hoping that the grand final will be more exciting.. XD

Anyway, back to cosplay. I took a lot of photos, and made some new friends in the process. Some of the cosplayers are really good, especially Maria and Mafuyu.

Lenne the Hunter. Beware her Double Strafing!

Eileen (left) and witch_cat XD

Luel flashing her .. cards.

Yes, Eugene's the man.. he's seen with some babes recently :P

Jodie aka TJ, posing when she should be taking pics instead.. :P

Kula... w00t.

Thanks to Ash for the pic ^_^


Ahhh!!!!! David took this photo of the famous Cassandra Ng!!!!!!!! *nosebleeds*

The event ended happily with the rest of going to Meridien for some nice Korean food! ^_^

* Recently had an enjoyable dinner with Ashley. Talked about work, life, and yes, the ultimate dream ... to have an unforgettable road trip from San Francisco to New York!!! Yeah.. she's back due to some complications with her job, but I am sure she will bounce back soon :)

* Read in the news that some bloggers are being arrested for defamatory and racist remarks on their blogs. Guess a lot of people will be cautious in what they wrote.. except for Rockson Takumi Tan that is.. haha! (http://rockson.blogspot.com)

* My sister's birthday is tomorrow!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! XD

* Got the ticket liao from my company (1 free ticket per person):

* FF7:AC is coming out this week. Enuff said.

Well that's all for now! Time to hit the books again.....

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