Saturday, August 20, 2005


Hey, minna-san.

Natsu Matsuri's finally over. The chaos, the days of anticipation, the chase.. it was over and done with.

The day started off well enough. Met with Takumi and Phelliostar, then Vic and her friends showed up. Turns out one of her friend is also Marchecoz's classmate, so we basically talk a lot on our way to the arcade, LJS and finally Tanah Merah MRT station.

SpiderKim, Nightdevil and the rest are already there, and already putting on their yukatas. Some of the other people who are going there helped out with the fixing up of the girls' obis.. then we are off! It was raining by the time we reached the school though.

Lining up at the queue was fun in a way, because many of my friends join up the queue as well! We basically talk a lot and pose for photos, and Lacus finally shows up with Hiyuki, her darling and Daryl. Lacus' really pink!

See? :)

Saw Chibi-Meli and her friend.. :)

Anyway as the queue gets longer, some of us decided to sit down and relax...

AngelZhou (centre) showed up and began to pose for pictures..

Witch_cat, why are you half-sad, half-happy?

The Natsu Matsuri crowd...

Lacus holding a fan! Kawaii...

Taiko performance

JL (right), Fumiryu (left) and Michael (partly hidden) enjoying the day..

Holly (right) and her friend. Megaten games rule!

Thanks Holly for passing me this far-better photo of us posing.. XD

Lacus, Hiyuki (centre) and Kyosuge

Masa (centre) posing with some people...

Vic (left) and Kula

The FF group posing..

The Gamersquare peeps~

So... it is over. It will be coming back next year. Would be looking forward to it. New memories, new friends.

Although some things never seem to change....

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