Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Its a Sinner's City

On a sleepless Singapore weekend, I decided to jio Ben to catch Sin City at Bugis.

Wow. I was literally blasted away by the sheer power, the awesome acting, and the smooth flowing cinematography. They combined together, along with input from the man behind the comic itself, the legendary Frank Miller, to bring us viewers a show of such magnitude, words could not describe it. It is an instant classic, a standard in which future comicbook-based movies must meet in order to be acceptable. Don't let the simple movie poster stop you from watching it, or the fact that it is more of a collection of short stories... Interweaving between each other like a well-oiled snake, it delivers a knuckle punch deserving of a KO.

Michael Rourke rocks. Period.

Real solid stuff overall. It is quite faithful to the comic book version. I think I might get the DVD and watch it again. 9/10, give or take another 0.5 points ;)

PS. I know it is a R21 film, so some of my friends will not be able to catch it. The good point about this is that it is entirely uncut, unedited. w00t! (Unless I am wrong here heh)


I had a great time on Saturday as well, meeting up with some cosplayers and also the Chibi gang (Judith, Eileen, Jeremy, Eddie, Tama-chan, Crux & Shiro) at Parco Bugis Junction. Decided to check out some of the shops selling cloth and other cloth-making materials, a first for me! XD It is a good experience by far.. :)

The whole event was pretty average. The main focus being on youth in general, cosplay was just one of the things being held there. Still, the cosplayers did a really fine job and their costumes are great! SCC's president was there in her Dark Magician outfit.. She was amazing!

(Yeah, I know that most of my comments here apply to Cosfest 2005 as well because they are the very same people cosplaying :D)

Later that day, the whole bunch of us went to Ajinsen to eat ramen (Yummy) and we basically wreck havoc. :P There was the arcade session later but I have to leave early lol...


I heard from my friend ALT that there is a .. blogger convention in Singapore?? More interestingly, famous bloggers like Xiaxue and MrBrown gave talks at the National Library. ALT was one of the people who attended and her pic was inside Digital Life! Now, where is my newspaper....

EDIT: OMG! She's really prominent!!! Check out her blog at http://barffie.liquidblade.com/ XD

(I wish I went.. it sounds fun. Bleh)

Oh yes, I added Emily's blog to my list of friends ^__^. Do check out her blog once in a while yeah? :D

Some minor updates:

* I found out that the latest Harry Potter novel is out recently as well. Might want to drop by to pick up a copy.. but I didn't even have the time to buy Da Vinci Code!!! Badddd reader -_-;;

* Apple got her own Nintendo DS... Mew version! I am happy for her.. then I realised I am not getting one so early.. :(

* My sister got a Motorola E398. It was a great phone, and cheap too! Then again, this could be due to the new 3G phones coming out into the market. Those are really expensive though!

* Alien Hominid... Freaking excellent game! Go get it now!!!!!!!! XD

Felt really tired in the last few days after Saturday. Maybe my work is getting to me... :(

~ The End ~ (For now, until I get into the groove again :P)

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