Monday, July 11, 2005

The War of Silence - Aftermath of Cosfest 2005

Wow, all the running around before and during Cosfest 2005 is really killing me >.< My right leg seems to be feeling numb and my left shoulder is aching painfully. Still, it didn't stop me from finishing up what I am supposed to do heh.

If you thought that Cosfest 2004 is packed, then you are wrong. Cosfest 2005 is arguably one of the most crowded events ever! I came around 1pm+ and already the place was jam-packed with photographers, curious visitors and lots of screaming, running fan-boys and girls XD

Eileen and Judith were already there cosplaying as characters from Naruto (Haku and Anbu), and Judith even brought along her sister Emily who was extremely hyper!! XD I then went to look for Team Ignited, only found a few because Lacus and some of the other members were separated lol. Cherry and Peihui was there, said hi to them :)

Shiomi was there as Azuma again, YC Tan was cosplaying as a Dante-lookalike swordsman, Taku doing Kaiba from Yugioh, and Keith going again as Dante.. this time with a new wig. Surprisingly he took part in the competition and made a good effort although he couldn't get a sword (He had to borrow one for the group photo later). I heard from him that he is likely to join a group for EOY. Good show, dude!

Met with Fishy, XY, Ace, Gary and Spikeout at the front of the stage. Yeap, XY and gang are crazy about DesktopX and using the area's free Wi-Fi... lolz!!! Heard that XY got World of Warcraft.. happy playing dude! XD

Burnein absolutely rocks as Ishida! I was like whoa at her bow and from an angle she does look like Ishida XD With all the interests in Bleach going at an all time high, I might want to cosplay, nyuk nyuk. I think I scared a few of my friends when I was suggesting Zaraki Kenpachi.. okay, I know, bad idea heh.

Okay, I was like going o.O at this reenactment of a funny Bleach episode. :P

Eugene cosplayed as a guy from Scryed. Can someone lend me the show? I somehow missed it several years ago. Just like Soukyuu no Fafner, which is a fantastic series! The songs Shangri-La and Separation simply rock!

I have to say I like Lacus' ninja-like attire from GSD. She looks so cool wielding the katana and looking serious when she holds the blade high up into the air. Her Haro ball is simply huge and adorable! I want one for myself! Such huge pink kawaii... XD

Marchecoz looks so cute on the Haro! XD

Here's something interesting. I don't think I have ever seen SpiderKim (left) cosplaying as anybody other than Kyo Kusanagi from KOF, so the fact that he is doing as Kyuzo in Samurai 7 is great! I think he's quite good. Dionne (right) looks great as Kirara (also in Samurai 7) and she's prettier than ever :) If I am not wrong, her friend Michelle is one in the centre, playing as Heihaichi (Thanks Eugene for letting me know who is who in Samurai 7.. he's a real anime nut I tell you)

The man that is the star of the show is... Bokutou no Ryu from Shaman King (left). He was like so uber cool with his 'erected' hair and stylish dressing, I guess his moves and witty remarks endear himself to nearly everyone there lol.

Well all in all, a really powerful event! I didn't get to take every cosplayers, such as Argilla from SMT:DDS (Gaargh!!!), Yoriuchi from Bleach, etc. There were too many things to see and do. But I did take some nice photos of Death Note (Julia as Misa.. again? :P), Rukia from Bleach, and so on. Later on, I went to dinner with Nightdevil, Judith, Emily, Eileen and two guys from the Naruto cosplayers, somehow ending up going to Heeren and Cineleisure with Judith and Miss Hyper.. lol.

What a way to end the day. Shiok ah!

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