Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Are You Ready For The Real World?"

Haha, this phrase reminded me of the fact that for some people, the Real World is a truly scary, scary place.

Firdaus got a taste of it recently. Well, hope he is able to find a decent part-time job soon.. what's with the economy now anyway? Look like things have not improved and finding a good job is not an easy task. If things improve within the next 2-3 years that would be good XD

Oh, I had a good day yesterday (My off-day what :D) I met Lacus for breakfast at McDonalds (Actually she was late so I bought the Big Breakfast for her first), and then we went to the arcade to try out the games there. Ha! I think I suck at Pop'n Music!! Lacus quite good at that game, plus the Para Para Paradise and KOF game. (I think I am kinda shocked at the part about KOF.. :P)

We later went bowling at Pasir Ris bowl (I suck at bowling XD) and ate some calamari there. It feels kinda soft so the crunchy feeling is not there yah. The park nearby is very quiet and nice, and we spent the time walking from one end to another. We talked about a lot of things, mainly about cosplay and the idea I had bubbling in my head XD Okay it needs a lot of work because she commented that the storyline felt typical. I must work harder then :D

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I ended the day by watching Star Wars Episode III. Subtitled the Revenge of The Sith, it brings an end to the prequel trilogy by transforming the powerful Anakin Skywalker into the ominous Darth Vader (cue hissing sound). It also shows how the Jedi are cut down one by one, save for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. Even the younglings, the children of the Jedi, are not spared.

Thank goodness that scene involving the children was removed.

The show on the whole is an improvement over the first two movie, even though the fight with Darth Maul is rather tasty so to speak ;) Despite the less than perfect acting from the cast, one person that stands out of all this is the Emperor. Yes, the very same guy who acted in Episode 5 & 6 has acted in 1, 2 and now 3. He speaks in a casual, persuasive ways, using the power of words to influence Anakin to slowly accept that the Dark Side of the Force is the only way to save Padme. He even made Mace Windu drop his guard by displaying his vulnerable side... before letting loose with his dark powers.

Technically, he is Star Wars' version of Niccolo Machiavelli. An excellent performance from him. Speaking of him, does any FFX fans feel a sense of deja vu when Anakin was talking to Palpatine during a performance of a .. ball of water? I thought they have Blitzball at Coruscant!! XD

The action sequences in the movie are quite good, although some part feels pretty fake, CG-ish. I was a bit disappointed at General Grevious, shouldn't he put up a better fight? Maybe throw in a few Matrix bullet-time sequences during the lightsaber fight. He died too quickly IMO.. :P The best fight is reserved for the last, when Yoda takes on Palpatine at the Senate and Obi-Wan fought Anakin on the volcanic planet. Looks like Lucas leaves the best for last... maybe I want to watch it again..

8/10! :)

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