Monday, May 2, 2005

Song of the Minstrel

Wow.. what a wonderful weekend! 3 long days where I can go out, soak up the sun, and partake in other town activities! See movies! Play the arcades! Walk around town while checking out the crowd!!!

.... ah, it didn't happen as I expected. My grandma left for Genting for the weekend, kinda like a last minute decision by my uncle since it is a long weekend and it will a good time to catch up since he is in China most of the time. This meant that I have to stay at home to look after my grandpa as a "standby". Opps, all plans = cancelled. *sweat* Was feeling lousy but I did manage to clean up my house a bit and played some games. I did some reading for my upcoming assignment too.

I wish I could go to Australia. No computer, no high tech stuff.. just days spent idling away!! Yatta!!

I wanted to check out Ben's Nintendog! According to him, the dog is now wearing an affro wig!!! Haha, it will surely look cute! XD Must take photo for this blog.. lolz. Mun Chiew rented a DS from Sammil just for this game!!!! This goes to show that flashy hardware may not have the coolest of games ;)

Affro wigs. Seems I am exposed to it in many different ways. First, Chiba-kun from Beck. Then, it is the manager Ken Matsushiro from Yakitate Japan ( LOL! He's hilarious! ) and now it appears in a game about dogs.. seems like the Japanese have a thing for affro stuff.. ;)


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Yakitate Japan is a simple but funny show about a young boy's desire to make a bread that surpasses all other in Japan. Calling them Japan #1, #2, and so on, Azuma Kazuma has the legendary Solar Hands, which are naturally warm and conducive for bread-making.

At first I didn't have the inclination to watch the show. But I was curious so I watched the first episode, and I was hooked! The Outro songs are very nice, especially the one by Soul'D Out from episode 13 onwards. It is called "To All Tha Dreamers" and I listened to the original version. It has this catchy feel to it and makes you wanna stand up and dance. XD

The characters are really memorable. The sly Kyosuge, the dry-humoured Kageto, the hilarious manager Matsushiro (Wahahahaha!) and the crybaby Azuma.. they made a good impression on me. Wait.. did I leave out Ryo Kuroyanagi?? His reactions after eating the bread is ... wahahaha.. ROFL. You have to watch the series to find out.. :P


Last week I mentioned about getting the K300i. Now its here and in my hand! Despite having a STN LCD screen (Which looks slightly inferior to TFT), it feels great in my hands. The GUI screen is pretty intuitive and responsive. Pretty happy with it ^^

The only bad thing about the phone is the packaging. Unlike the T310, the manual is small and doesn't cover things in detail. But oh well, this is just a minor gripe.

Personal stuff

- Ashley called me during the weekend. Everything is great according to her, and she will be coming back for a short while, hopefully in June or July. According to her, the colleagues are nice to show her around the place, and her house does have a television and a phone to use.

- Boon Ping is the latest entry to my friendster account. I was pretty surprised that he got an account in the first place! He is going to serve his remaining deferred NS at Mindef, then he is going to Business Times as a full time journalist. I am glad he got what he wanted :)

- I became a "daddy". Anyone wanna know why, please ask me in MSN. Lolz.

- Jimmy is taking part in some Superstar TV program! That's cool! Hope he goes far in the competition like Serena :)

- I spoke to a friend recently and learnt something interesting from him. I didn't really expect it, but yeah it is pretty cool. On other matters though, he's kinda irritating in that he tends to be defensive when I try to be well meaning in my advises to him. Suddenly he will bring up other things, which he never mentions previously. o_O I should be more firm bah.. haha. He's okay most of the time, but sometimes.... arrrggggh!

- Assumption is the root of all evil. Muahahahaha...

- Kingdom of Heaven. Should I catch it at Shaw Towers? The cinemas there are really nice because they reminded me of the past cinemas, really brought a lot of nostalgic memories for me. Huge and crowded and kacang puteh.. heh. Maybe I should consider Eng Wah as well.. :)

- I won the trivia contest hosted by Jaclyn, getting full marks. I got.. a decal. I was too slow and didn't get the FF7 Reunion soundtrack which would make a nice gift. o_O

- The Hidden Blade is not nice according to MC. Okay, that sucks because I was expecting to watch a nice authentic historical film about Japan. :X

- Ex-president Wee has passed away yesterday. I had a glimpse of him before, and had a good impression of the man. May he rest in peace.

- Lastly, to one of my Naruto friends.. thanks! XD

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