Sunday, May 15, 2005

The House of Lacus

Recently, Lacus invited me to her house along with her other friends to chit chat and to play.. yeap, Katamari Damacy. The rolling feeling that I had a few days ago had to do with it I guess *rolling around*

It is a good thing that the PS2 slim is light. Imagine carting around a Xbox to a friend's place.. -_-;; It took me around an hour to reach her place and somehow I ended up at the wrong block :P

Well anyhow, once I reached there I began to set up the console and soon Lacus was engrossed playing Katamari! I think her sense of direction is a little "mis-directed" (haha).. Animus showed up and continued the game, then I ate the curry chicken cooked by her mum. Quite yummy wor, where got lousy? :D

Her house is pretty nice. It is so huge! XD Her manga collection is quite extensive, but then she's a super manga reader bah.. I saw some soft toys lying around.. mainly GSD and Inuyusha? Lolz...

Apart from Animus, I met Lenne and Skye too! Skye is last year's best singer at KHK and a cosplayer to boot! I am not sure who she cosplay but she is really excited about the new anime Trinity Blood :O

Lacus showed me a place called Hougang Green where she usually gets her cosplay stuff made... it turns out that a few other cosplayers are there too, making outfits for Bleach!! I suggested that Animus cosplay as the manager in Yakitate! Japan.. Afro rocks! :D

(On that day, I am proud to say that I have finally beaten the Fly boss in DDS... yes!!!)

Lacus and gang also practiced a few dance moves for .. hmmm I can't remember for which event yeah.. can Lacus remind me? :D I really enjoyed the day although it was tiring and the aircon broke down.. thank you, Lacus-sama XD

Free Image Hosting at Yes, early in the morning, the Katamari Damacy fever has begun...

Free Image Hosting at Lacus is hooked!! XD

Free Image Hosting at Animus looks so happy yeah :P

Free Image Hosting at Her PC is full of GSD stuff!!

Free Image Hosting at That's a whole lot of manga..

Free Image Hosting at This is the place where the costumes are being made. Lacus loves ice cream leh..

Free Image Hosting at This is proof that Katamari Damacy is too addictive.. this is Lacus playing the game.. at night.

Sunday Addition:

Hmmm.... is Trinity Blood really that popular?

I was with Lacus, Skye and Lenne yesterday at Kino.. and found out that nearly anything related to Trinity Blood are gone. Zero. Nothing. Wahaha, that's fast!

Here's another surprise.. I saw Jimmy and Aaron again! At Kino! Although a different branch... I didn't have much chance to talk much because I was looking for the rest of them inside..

But Sunday is a rather quiet affair on the whole. I spent most of the day resting and cleaning up my room..

Room's Status: Still 80% messy -_-

Movies for the month

Boon Ping is asking me whether I want to catch the show with him.. why not? I suggested that we go to Bedok to catch it instead.. cheaper..

As for Star Wars, I think I will confirm with Ming Li first... then see how.

Okay lar.. take care everyone! :)

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