Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Busy Week!

Wah lau. As I am writing this, I am having a terrible splitting headache. Urgh, I slept late yesterday and is paying the price for it :P

Well anyway, it is another long weekend for everyone. The good news is that I finally can relax a bit and do some gaming. What about my assignment, some might ask? Ah, the funny thing is that it is not released to me and my classmates yet *sweat* Wah, deadline is coming soon... how am I supposed to work on it with such a short time-frame?!! No choice I guess.... so make full use of the weekend XD

I watched Kingdom of Heaven with Boon Ping last Saturday. It is pretty so-so, and I would give it a 6/10. Why would that be? It is because the show is overtly being so politically correct, that the most basic component of film-making just went by the wayside; I call it "captivating the audience". Ridley Scott focused a lot on the battle scene (which turns out average anyway in comparison to shows such as The Return of The King) and on Orlando Bloom himself, trying to portray his character as truly upright... bah. Even the love story seems cliche.

The only good thing about the show is that it is short, unlike long shows like Alexander, and the portrayal of Saladin, played by a respected Syrian actor. I am not sure the direction of which the film is heading, especially towards the end...

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Luckily the ticket is only $7... Raja Princess Rocks!

Sunday With Lacus

I accompanied Lacus to her cosplay photoshoot session with her friend Hysoka somewhere around Liang Court. There were supposed to be more people (they all can't make it) and Shiro was supposed to come but he was exhausted after the Big Walk? Haha, I used to go every year but looks like I missed this year yeah..

The costumes are from Chrno Crusade, and Lacus is Rosette while Hysoka plays a bad guy (Forgot the name). A guy named Garion is the main photographer for the photoshoot, and he brought his powerful camera to do the job ($3k when it was bought???) It was a fun day, and I helped Lacus take photos of herself and Hysoka using her Canon Powershot A80 camera... not bad, only that it uses 4 AA -_-;;

I decided to help her carry her stuff because she does carry a lot of things, would be tough on her because it is already exhausting putting on the costumes and the wig. I think cosplayers are really quite dedicated in their cosplaying, and Lacus is one of the best around.. XD

We later ate at Yoshinoya.. remind me not to go anymore.. it's kinda expensive and doesn't taste that nice.. the jelly drink sucks! :(

PS. Sorry for the night shots, I hope to improve myself the next time okay? XD

Misc Stuff

* I met JapRPG today at Bugis. Congrats to him for getting his job at Tuas! Nowadays I seem to stumble into my friends more often in public XD

* I attended the briefing at my office today for fire safety because I am a fire warden for my office floor... bleh. Not only that, all of us in the office have to conduct tours in the near future... o.O

* What a crappy day. The MRT decides to delay itself at every station, blaring out the same stupid announcement about "track fault". Yeah right, in the end made me late for work.

* I am getting ready to face 'him'. DDS the second time, seems tough and yet seems easy as well. Will I succeed against him??

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