Thursday, May 12, 2005


Ah, yesterday Lacus gave me a surprise... she gave me a Rukia figurine to put in my office. Thank you very much Lacus-sama! XD

( Anyway I paid her back.. phew, lucky she never bought the Bleach plushies otherwise I will be in "financial trouble" lolz! )

In other unrelated news, I met Jimmy and Aaron at Kino as well. Jimmy told me that the launch of the Asian PSP is yesterday, but Ben on MSN later commented that it sucks ( He's working there actually )... so yeah man. Not that I got the money right now :(

There are so many Bleach merchandise! I think the large Rukia figurine looks great! XD

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Rukia is admittedly, super kawaii when she does that pose.

Until the next episode of Bleach! :D

PS. Hmmm, I got the feeling of rolling.. and rolling! Katamari fever coming again! @_@

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