Monday, July 19, 2010

June Update #3

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been busy (as usual) with a few shoots and cosplay events coverage.

Yang, seen here cosplaying as Pandora from the classic anime series Saint Seiya. I was surprised that she cosplayed the earliest version of the character, as well as learning that she cosplayed as Athena in the past too!

Link: Here

Finally, a Pandora Hearts shoot featuring Vincent Nightray, Echo and Sharon Rainsworth. Had a blast of a time working with Yukiharu, Janice and Germaine during the shoot as we joked around for most part. I hope there will be more shoots of this series in the future!

Link: Here


Delayed for many months, this shoot was finally underway! Special thanks to Krisgage and Suki-luna for their equipment and direction support, it helps a lot especially when the shoot continued into the night.

I learnt a few more things about flash lighting, especially in terms of positioning and adjusting the strength of the flash output. It was a fun experience, although tiring as well.

Link: Here

June photoshoots done, events next!

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