Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June Update #2

When Yang returned back to Singapore, we planned a few more photoshoots and here are some that we have completed so far. :)

A night shoot based on the pairing of Shinichi Okazaki and Reira Serizawa, we wandered around the streets of Orchard to get the necessary shots. I must admit its a tiring affair because the shoot took place on a weekday (meaning right after work). But nonetheless, it was a fun learning experience so more night shoots in the future!

Album: Here

Kuroshitsuji: VII

A Kuroshitsuji mini-shoot held before the Starfest event, it begun raining heavily right after we began shooting. We didn't go to the City Hall building in front of the Padang as it was closed due to the upcoming Youth Olympic Games, so the shoot was also cut short.

After the shoot, we went to the event but the event was relatively so-so. There's a lot of photographers and cosplayers, and I spent more time talking to friends than getting some shots.

Album: Here

Starfest 2010: Here


There will be more updates to come, been a bit busy clearing out the remaining backlogs I had with Yang as well as with other cosplaying friends. Till next time! :)

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