Thursday, April 28, 2011

The SG Photo Derby (Part I)

The month of January was filled with craziness as I had a photoshoot almost every other day before preparing for the move back to my home in KL. Here are the first batch of shoots that I did:

Final Fantasy XIII - It's an honour to be working with some of my old-time friends once again. It was raining heavily that day so we had to relocate to another location, but as it continued to rain on we decided to throw caution to the wind and shoot normally. It went pretty well I guess.

We ended the whole thing pretty late at night... but it's alright, as long as everyone like the end result.

Album: Here

Resonance of Fate - I miss my gaming days very much, so when there's a chance to shoot a series based on a Tri-Ace game, my answer is in the affirmative.

Originally meant to take place in two different locations, we ended up with just one because of an unforeseen factor. We made it up by having a Japanese lunch instead, heh.

Special thanks to Erving Go for accepting the invite to join in as a photographer for the shoot... was nice to catch up with him since he's in Singapore for a family trip.

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Kannagi - I was introduced to the series by someone I used to know, and I quite like it because of the main lead character (Nagi). She's a bit different from the usual tsundere characters... although I can't really explain why though.

Anyway, I thought I won't have the chance to shoot this series, until Crestryn (whom I worked with previously for a few Vocaloid shoots) wanted to get a video shoot so I asked if I can combine a short photoshoot with video as well. Thanks again! :)

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Iroha no Uta - A shoot with a good friend of mine, it was kinda short because of the sudden burst of rain. I also forgot to bring an umbrella too, so we were stuck at the location for quite a long time... but its fun to catch up on things. :)

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Alone II - Manman wanted to try something new so we had a concept shoot in some abandoned area in the western parts of Singapore. Manman really is a good model to work with.

We started late but most of the shoot's objectives were met by the time night falls. The place's really creepy at night so it is a good thing to leave early.

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K-On! Don't Say Lazy - Roamed around Clarke Quay for this shoot, which I invited Serene to cosplay as Mio once again. Shane came along for the shoot too, which is nice because it's a good learning experience for him photography-wise.

Album: Here

Code Geass: C.C. - Indoor shoot at the hotel. Special thanks to Emi for the invite, as well as paying for the food and lodging.

As a bonus, her sister and sister's boyfriend showed up to help a bit with the shoot, and finishing up the extra food. I think I ate too much pizza that day...

Album: Here

Macross Frontier: Star Date - Second day at the hotel was spent shooting this series. We had a buffet breakfast before having both an indoor and outdoor shooting session. It was rather relaxing, despite having to bring so much stuff for the shoot.

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.hack//G.U. - Max and Elie, cosplaying characters from the popular RPG game for the Playstation 2/3 series. Pretty cool stuff!

The shoot went without much issues... well, except for the very windy conditions that is. Winds so strong, that my flash and stand nearly flew away a few times.

I also see another photographer having a shoot there with a beauty dish. Now, this is something that I may obtain the next time I pay a visit to the camera shop. :P

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That's the end of the first part! Forgive me if I left anything out because it's been a while since that time. Anyway, stay tuned for the second part, coming soon!

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